Hypnotherapy for Improving Sports Performance

Sports people have some different problems from the rest of us, and frequently, they’re concentrated round what seems to be some tiny part of their performance. The trouble is, it’s a vital part, without which the rest of the game goes to pieces. I say game, but of course for some it’s a career, for some it’s an obsession, and for some it’s part of business. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your performance in your chosen sport or sports, Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you.

Let’s define “Sportsperson”. Simply put, a Sportsperson is one who takes their sport seriously.

All sorts of things can affect performance. Assuming physical problems and limitations are ruled out, we’re only left with the mind as the limiting factor, and Hypnotherapy is designed to deal with the mind.

What, in the mind, limits performance? How about Fear? (of failure, but sometimes of success). How about Self-Doubt? Self-Limiting Beliefs? Choking? Burn out?

If you’re a golfer, you’ll be familiar with the term “The Yips” This can be caused by any one, or any combination of the above. If you’re not familiar with the term, here’s a simple definition “Yips – a tendency to twitch during the putting stroke”. Some top golfers have had their careers greatly affected or even destroyed by the yips; prominent golfers who battled with the yips for much of their careers include Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, and, more recently, Bernhard Langer.

It’s a simple definition, and can suddenly start to affect golfers from rank amateur to experienced Pro. Luckily, it can often be sorted out with the right treatment.

New records are set in sport by someone who just doesn’t accept that “it can’t be done”. Nothing gets done until someone does it! How often, soon after a new athletic record has been set, do you see a comparative flood of people beating, equalling or getting close to, the new record? They were physically able to do it all the time, they just didn’t believe they could until someone showed them it was possible, and that person had the mindset to do it. How much will YOU be able to improve?

Choking? This happens when the sufferer shifts their focus away from the task in hand, and starts thinking about possible things that can go wrong, or starts thinking too consciously about something that should be automatic. “Paralysis by Analysis” is another way of putting it.

I think you’ll agree that all these things are of the mind. I hope you don’t suffer from them, but if you do ……………………………………….?

And sometimes of course, people come to see me about sports to just generally help their performance, boost their self-belief and confidence, learn how to always have a positive attitude, and channel sometimes negative emotions in a useful way.

If you want to achieve great things in your sport, you don’t just need to improve yourself physically; you need to improve yourself mentally.

The ball’s in your court now ……………………….. what are you going to choose to do?

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