Hello, I’m David Reid, the owner of this site.  Notice the photo, it’s in colour – not black-and-white. In this business, things are very rarely black-and-white. I run Mission Hypnotism which is based in Harley Street, London, and also close to the Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire borders. My consulting rooms are in Harley Street, London, Farnham, Surrey, and also in Bagshot, Surrey. My clients  mainly come from the area roughly in a 50 mile radius from my consulting rooms, but can come from anywhere (the furthest so far is Bahrain or New York)

I’m a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine, and I’m a Registered Hypnotherapist with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHR Reg.), and I’ve also been awarded the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP), again by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. I’m a Certified Hypnotic Birthing Process Practitioner (National Council for Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy),  and the C. Reg. stands for an added qualification in Past Life Regression techniques. I’m also a Registered Supplier (No.48078) to the NHS for Hypnotherapy Services. You can easily check with any of these organizations if you’d like to.

I specialize particularly in helping you relieve Anxiety and Stress, and I’ve had additional specialist training in Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Pain Management, Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance, and treatment of Phobias, amongst other things, and helping to reduce alcohol consumption is another particular interest of mine. I’m also a qualified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner and qualified Life Coach. I’m only listing all this to offer some re-assurance that when you choose to contact me by phone or otherwise, your inquiry will be dealt with in a friendly, practical and professional way. Many people have benefited from fast, effective help by doing so.

Recently, I’ve also started a Training School for those wishing to become Professional Hypnotherapists – you can learn about this at my newest website www.surreyschoolofhypnotherapy.co.uk. Well worth a look.

I’m also fortunate in that I’ve had a lot of relevant experience of life prior to settling in to Hypnotherapy, ranging from being a General Manager of a Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Dealership to running my own Courier Company, and living in New Zealand for three years. My wife is a trained nurse, and also a Reflexologist, and I have twin daughters, one of whom is a languages teacher, and the other is a lawyer. Between them, I currently have four delightful grandchildren, who drive me mad. (Orlando, Hamish, Sofia and Monty – since you ask, plus two cats called Coco and Tiger) All this comes in very useful in relating to my clients conditions, problems and situations. I’d far rather have had these sorts of experiences than work in something  more isolated.

I’m bound by the professional ethics of the organizations to which I belong to act with your best interests at heart at all times, an obligation I continue to take seriously. Currently, I practice only from my offices in Harley Street, Farnham and Bagshot. Would you like to be treated in those comfortable, relaxing  surroundings? The whole purpose of Hypnotherapy is to help YOU. So contact me now on 01256 704769 or email missionhypnotism@btconnect.com

I have another two websites running – why not have a look? Here are the links

davidreidhypnotherapy.co.uk and surreyschoolofhypnotherapy.co.uk