Do you really want to stop smoking?

Compare your life NOW to your better life in just a few days time

RIGHT NOW – cigarettes are an integral part of your life

RIGHT NOW – cigarettes mark out and control your daily timetable

RIGHT NOW – you’re shortening your life

RIGHT NOW – you smell stale and your clothes, breath and hair stink of cigarette smoke and ash

RIGHT NOW – you can’t taste or smell anything properly

RIGHT NOW – your fingers and nails have a nasty yellow tinge

RIGHT NOW – your teeth are far from white

RIGHT NOW – you’ve got a bit of a cough

RIGHT NOW – your complexion looks pale and grey

RIGHT NOW – your skin has that drawn, wrinkled look

RIGHT NOW – you’re spending a fortune on achieving all of the above


You ELIMINATE the evil weed from your life

You STOP letting cigarettes control you

You LIVE longer

You SMELL fresher

You REGAIN your senses of taste and smell

You have NORMAL-COLOURED fingers

You have WHITE teeth again

You STOP that smoker’s cough

You IMPROVE your skintone and colour


When you stop smoking, you SAVE ALL THAT MONEY for a change, instead of paying out to damage yourself

All that money that just goes up in smoke right now can go in your pocket instead. What will you do with it? A nice holiday, special treats for the kids, new clothes, upgrade your car – the list goes on. Your priorities will change. no doubt, and what they will become, naturally, is for you to decide, and you’ll even live longer to enjoy achieving them!  Something to think about before you come to see me perhaps?

There’s lots more – do I really need to elaborate?

You can do it with my help, I know you can. Many, many people have, and so can you.

It doesn’t usually take long either – a couple of hours normally does it. Isn’t that great?

I’ll give you the means so that you can enhance your willpower, your determination, your desire and your mental approach to make it really easy for you. And I’ll build in some extras that’ll help you make sure you don’t put on weight after you’ve stopped – I know that can worry some people.

You’ll not put on the pounds, but you could save thousands of them in the next few months.

Contact me now to arrange a mutually convenient time and date for you to quit smoking permanently.

You might think you’re just buying a few of hours of my time, but what you’re actually doing is CHANGING YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER

All sessions are held either at The Farnham Natural Therapy Clinic in the centre of Farnham, Surrey, or at The Integral Life Centre at 44 High Street, Bagshot, Surrey, or in Central Guildford, at 54 Quarry Street. Skype sessions can also be arranged if you live too far away to make your physical presence a practicality.

Finally, here’s a link to a group that also offers info and help about stopping smoking (click here)