Biting your nails can be one of those habits that can be very difficult to stop, and yet its not exactly a chemical addiction, like smoking or alcohol. The reasons people do it vary a lot too – most people have no idea exactly when or why they started nailbiting.

Luckily, Hypnotherapy can be a big help here. It can help to find out why and when you started nailbiting, and it can help you stop doing it.

Do you try to hide your hands from others? Feel embarrassed when someone reaches out to you for a handshake perhaps?

Wouldn’t you like to look down at your hands and see strong elegant nails instead of ugly, ragged reddened tips to your fingers – some people bite their nails so much their fingers bleed: could you be one of them? Aren’t you ashamed of how your fingers look sometimes?

Would you prefer not to be?

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