Stress can manifest itself in all sorts of ways. Luckily, I can help you relieve stress quickly.

Impatience, anger, shouting, physical violence, depression, sleeplessness, oversleeping, listlessness, nailbiting, physical illness, hair loss, eczema, IBS, OCD, disappointing or non-existent love life, plus plenty more – all these can be the visible signs of stress, or be an aggravating factor in it.

Of course that isn’t always true. I’m pretty sure you’ll know some really unpleasant people who are not suffering from stress, they’re just nasty people!

But if stress is affecting you in one of these ways or more, or in some other way not listed above – and there are plenty of them – you’ll be glad to know I can probably help you.

Because I come across it quite often, there are a variety of ways in which I can help you minimize the effects of stress in your life. I don’t care if it’s at work or in your private life, stress can be pretty debilitating, and you can do without it.

Of course not all stress is bad; you can make use of it sometimes. A little pressure can often bring out the best in people, whether self-induced or externally applied. A burst of adrenalin at the right time can work wonders, and adrenalin can be very helpful. However, excess or continued adrenalin can be very harmful.

The key is not to completely eliminate stress, pleasant though that might seem. The key is to control it.

Things also can easily get exaggerated out of all proportion when you’re under a lot of stress. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of wondering what all the fuss was about after something is over that seemed so vitally important and absolutely crucial in the build up to it, but seems so unimportant and insignificant afterwards. Would the world as you know it have ended if it hadn’t happened just at that moment in time? Probably not, eh?  Very few things are actually life-changingly important.

Would you like to be able to keep things in proportion again? Reduce the physical and mental toll that being overstressed can have on you? (And not just on you; people around you can so easily suffer from YOUR stress.)

Hypnotherapy can help you greatly in this respect. Not only that, but almost everyone finds it relaxing in itself. And Hypnotherapy from an experienced practitioner is safe and effective, with long-lasting results.

How much longer are you going to let things get on top of you? How much longer can you stand being controlled by stress?

You might be surprised just how quickly you can get back in control.

Obviously I don’t want to give you even more pressure, but the sooner you ring me the sooner we can start. Haven’t got time, you say? Hmmmm….

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