All the bubblewrap in the world is not enough.

Becalmed? Stagnant? Stuck?

Do you feel unhappy, unappreciated, uncherished, unwanted, redundant, a bit useless, unimportant to those who matter to you? Do you feel as if you’re going nowhere in your career? Do you feel you’re treading water in your social and personal life? Is everything a bit stagnant? Can’t motivate yourself to do anything much? Can’t even think of anything much you want to do? To put in bluntly, are you stuck?

Does everybody else seem to be having fun while you’re not? Are they all moving on leaving you trailing behind or just stuck in a backwater? Are you overlooked at work or at home, and just taken for granted? When it comes to promotion, why are you not being considered or taken seriously? In relationships with your friends or family, are you just thought of as someone who’s always around but never does anything much – just not very noticeable? Just there to make up the numbers?

I come across quite a few people in this situation. Usually female. Usually really nice people. Somehow things have been passing them by – and are still passing them by. They’ve become “background” people. They’re always there, they can be counted on as part of the routine of life. They’re reliable, consistent, pleasant – part of the scenery.

There’s a school of thought that says women become invisible after the age of 50. The women I’m talking about have started to become more or less invisible much earlier than that.

I can only speak from experience, and that tells me that this situation can happen from around the age of 30 – yes, 30. Granted, most are a little older, but once the process starts, it’s surprising how quickly the years pass, until suddenly – you realise you’re in this situation, and you hadn’t really noticed!

Ask yourself – do you want this to continue?


I know, there are those who are quite happy to drift along, quite content (on the surface) to live their life at this low level, quite happy to let the years roll by in a kind of detached, uninvolved way. Unnoticed, unappreciated – all the things I described in the first paragraph on this page. Have another look up there now. If you actually are one of those people, there’s no point in reading on.

But are you really, really happy with your lot in life? Would you not prefer to feel appreciated, either at work or in your personal life? Would you not prefer to feel cherished – treasured – wanted – desired – important – somebody worth talking to – somebody who’s ideas and feelings need to be considered?

Do you ever get that kind of vague, uneasy feeling that you just can’t put you finger on, and you just don’t know what to do about it?

D’you feel anxious about “what’s around the corner”? Because there’s nothing round your corner – that’s worrying. Not just worrying – it’s sad and depressing.

Fortunately, if you want me to, I can help you. You’ll start to feel better surprisingly quickly. You’ll “come alive” again, start to enjoy life a bit more. People will start to notice you, to be aware of you, to take you properly into consideration. You’ll be in contention for more in your career, you’ll have a better social life, you won’t just be ignored. You won’t just be wallpaper to other’s lives.

And once all that starts, who knows what might happen? Well you will actually. You’ll have a say, your views will count, you’ll have some control over your own future, your own destiny.

I’m in a great position to help you with all this. I’m not just a Hypnotherapist, I’m also a Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Using facets of all these techniques I really can help you make those changes to make yourself “visible” again to the great outside world. And once people see you coming, you’ll really see the difference. In reality, it might be someone else who notices the difference in you first. Wouldn’t that be great?

I’ve successfully helped lots of women and girls in this situation, and I can do it for you too. I can help you build your self-confidence, I can help you be more assertive, I can help boost your ego. I can help you get moving again.

I can help you become visible, I can help you matter.

Get in touch soon – you can’t go on as you are. Can you?

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