Are you a Fatty? Do you wobble when you walk? Are you sick of the sight of yourself in the mirror? Have trouble even getting up after you’ve sat down? Difficult to find clothes that fit you, let alone look good? Do you have to book two seats on the plane just for you? do you need to lose weight, perhaps?

Of course not everybody who wants to lose weight is as extreme as those descriptions above. Some people though, are heading that way faster than others. Some people maybe don’t realise how near they’re getting to those examples.

There are those too, who blithely go through their lives not giving a damn about how they look, how healthy they are or how long they’re going to live. They sometimes claim to be happy. But are they?

To be frank, if you’re one of those, I probably can’t help you. You need a reason to start losing those excess pounds.

Being overweight can shorten your life – that’s a pretty good reason right there.

Being overweight can inhibit your social and romantic life.

Being overweight can cost you money in a variety of ways, I’m sure you can think of some.

Being overweight can adversely affect your job prospects.

Being overweight can severely affect your self-confidence and self-image.

There’s more, but I think you’ve taken enough for now.

If you want to shed the lard, I can quite likely help you. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in your battle against the flab.

I won’t tell you it’ll work like magic. I won’t tell you it’ll happen overnight. I won’t tell you I can do it for you while you just carry on guzzling your life away.

There’ll be work involved. Sometimes you’ll feel hungry. Sometimes you’ll wish you’d never decided to lose the pounds – but –

Sometimes you’ll feel great. Sometimes you’ll feel energised. Sometimes you’ll feel a justifiable sense of achievement. And sometimes – mostly in fact –  you’ll feel really proud of yourself.

Of course you might have to live a bit longer, you might have to talk to a lot more people – one of them might even be “the one”. You might save some money, you might progress faster at work and people might think a bit differently about you. You’ll certainly think a bit differently about yourself. Can you put up with all that?

So, what are you going to do about it  –  FATTY? – and when? Now would be good, wouldn’t it?

In fact I have a great Special Offer running right now, but only until the 22nd April. You could get my £595.00 6-part Authoritarian person-to-person weight loss programme for a shed-load less, maybe as much as £100.00 less.  Email me here for all the info you need. But do it as soon as you can, preferably now, as you want to start getting that weight off as soon as you can – don’t you? And this UNIQUE offer won’t be around past that date.

This offer expires in 

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Most people who land on this page want to lose weight, but if you have the opposite problem and can’t seem to put on weight, or if you have a different situation, binge eating say, or inability to resist chocolate for instance, the chances are I can help you with that, too.

Why not ring me, and start to see and feel the results sooner rather than later? Just dial 01256 704769 as the first easy step.

Please get in contact for more information.
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