Hypnotherapy to manage pain

There are just so many words to describe pain. Here are some of them –

Heavy, dull, chronic, throbbing, hot, penetrating, aching, sharp, jagged, stabbing, burning, nagging, searing, stinging, smarting, numb, gnawing, twisting, cutting, pulsing, flashing, biting, gripping, pinching, pounding ……… and many more. But you can often manage pain.

Pain is personal, and can be debilitating, tiring and wearing, not to mention just plain irritating. It can have all sorts of impacts on your life and that of those around you.

My role in this is to help you develop a different response to any pain you may be experiencing, and it can be rewardingly effective.

Don’t put up with the pain any longer than you need to. Ring me on 01256 704769 now and start to experience a new level of relief.

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