Just the one!

Drinking a nice pint of beer, or a good glass of wine, maybe a decent measure of a mature whisky (or whiskey if you’re Irish or American) – lovely, isn’t it?

However, when it gets to the stage of too many of any of these or other alcoholic drinks, and too often as well, you could be on a slippery downward slope. It’s easy to build up a tolerance for lots of alcohol over quite a short time. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but either way, it might dawn on you that its getting to be a bit expensive, taking over a large part of your life, maybe affecting relationships you have around you or your work, perhaps.

By the time it gets to this stage, its probable that its already damaging your health. You may decide to cut back “tomorrow for sure”, and then tomorrow its the same old story. Maybe its time to get help.

My first ever client was someone who was in the category of wine drinker. Her consumption had crept up to a couple of bottles a day – every day. She used to sneak out to the garage in her garden every night for a few extra glasses, on top of what she was drinking in the house, so her husband wouldn’t catch on to how high her consumption had got.

I won’t bore you with any more details, but after two Hypnotherapy sessions, she was back to normality, didn’t drink at all for about two months, and is now quite happy to have become just an occasional social drinker – drinking a glass or two when out for a meal or something similar. She’s able to actually enjoy her wine again, rather than drink just it for the inebriation effect.

Drinking – what category do you come into?

Would you like to do something about it? If so, ring me on 01256 704769 and take control again – don’t let alcohol get control over you.

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