Insomnia and sleeplessness, call it what you like, it’s a real nuisance. More of a curse, in fact, than just a nuisance.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common these days.

The NHS pays for millions and millions of pounds worth of sleeping pills, not to mention the amount prescribed privately, and yet the condition is becoming more and more prevalent.


The one word answer is stress – but that one word covers a multitude of things.

Tension, worry, pressure, anxiety, nervousness, unease, apprehension, fretfulness. All these words could fairly be used in describing reasons for sleeplessness. Sometimes there’s no word to describe what you’re feeling when you can’t sleep – it’s a kind of general feeling that things aren’t quite right, nothing you can point to directly.

But sometimes you can put your finger on it. Concerns about unemployment, redundancy, family, money and the lack of it. Lack of opportunity at work, being unjustifiably passed over for promotion, aggravating neighbours, noise, unruly kids, can’t find a job, relationship problems – there’s plenty more.

It can all get on top of you, it can start to overwhelm you, until you either can’t focus on anything else or can’t focus on anything at all. Your mind can’t switch off, slow down or let go of the day’s aggravations. The smallest thing can be magnified in your mind out of all proportion to its real significance – it’s always worse at night when you should be sleeping and resting.

If you don’t get some proper sleep and physical and mental rest, you don’t function properly. During sleep, not only does your physical state start to repair itself, your mental state does too. Your powerful subconscious mind takes over and re-sorts your mental filing system, making sense of all that’s been going on prior to sleeping. Imagine an office where no-one did any filing – chaos! That’s what happens to your mind if you don’t sleep.

You can give a semblance of external normality for a while without proper sleep: how long varies from person to person. Eventually though, it takes its toll. You feel really, really lousy and look worse.

I’ve treated quite a few recently discharged ex-military personnel over the last couple of years. One thing they almost all have in common is a sleep problem. They usually have other conditions they need help with, and few of them mention the sleeplessness initially. However, once I find out that not sleeping properly is something they suffer from, it’s the first thing I treat them for. It’s key to the rest of their treatment in my opinion. If they can’t sleep, they can’t rest. If they can’t rest, they can’t think straight, and it’s my job after all, to get people thinking the way they need to.

Hypnotherapy is the way I do this. If I can do it for them I can very likely do it for you.

Don’t just lie there worrying about your insomnia and sleeplessness, give me a call (preferably not in the middle of the night though)

To get started, just phone me on 01256 704769. Make dropping off a bit easier.

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