A few examples of hypnotherapy help 1

The Hard Way or My Way

When you’re looking around for the kind of help you need, what exactly is it that you expect to gain from it when you find it?

Probably varies a lot from person to person, wouldn’t you think? But you do expect and want to gain something.

If you’re a cigarette smoker looking to stop – why? Do you want to improve your health, and your chances of living longer? Are you fed up with smelling like a stale old ashtray most of the time – not to mention the way your car, clothes, hair and breath smell? Maybe you’ve become aware of those yellowish nicotine stains on your teeth or fingers? Or is it just the sheer cost of the damn things?

If you have a fear of flying, what’s that stopping you doing? Would it be much more fun if you could fly off on holiday with your friends or family without that gut wrenching fear, and clammy sweaty palms? Or without lying in bed beforehand for days or weeks unable to sleep properly because you’re dreading that upcoming flight? And of course, all that happens again after you get there, to stop you enjoying yourself properly while you’re away, because you’ve got to fly back, haven’t you?

Or is it your fear of needles and injections that stops you going to wonderful exotic places, because you’d have to have vaccinations before you can go? And do you feel an idiot because that’s the case?

Of course it doesn’t have to be any of those things that are getting to you. It could be that anxiety, panic attacks and stress are preventing you from being contented and happy, either at work or in your private life. They’ll take their toll on your health too, especially over the longer term, and it can give you digestive, blood pressure and heart problems, and plenty others too.  You can so, so easily get to the stage where you’re even worrying about worrying? How crazy does that sound? And who else is noticing all this? And is this interfering with your sleep?

What about your sex life? Do you have one? Do you want one? Is it enjoyable or just routine and something you feel you want to get over and done with? Have you gone off it entirely? That’s a shame, and it can kill off a relationship quicker than you can say “move over, darling”. Wouldn’t you like to get that old feeling back?

Gambling – there’s another thing. If you do it, do you really enjoy it? Has it got to the desperate stage, where you just can’t resist another fiver, another tenner, a pony, a monkey, a grand, an archer or even a plum?? (see http://www.aldertons.com/money.htm for more money slang) When you have some readys, do they vanish like snow off a dyke into the fruit machine? There are lots of things you could do with that money you’re so determined to throw away, for your family or yourself.

How about your drinking? A nice bottle of wine, a cool beer, a steadying double whisky, an odourless glass of vodka – lovely! Or is it? Do you want to keep your driving licence? Well you probably can’t legally drive after a couple of drinks. Does that restrict what you can get up to? Are you unable to relax without a glass in your hand? Have you taken to solitary drinking yet? Like its friend smoking, drinking isn’t the great for your health. It can make you false friends and lose you real ones. It can cost you your job, if it gets a bit out of control and starts to show in your work, timekeeping, or behaviour. And of course it can cost a lot of money.

Do any of these things ring a bell, strike a chord, float your boat, or otherwise grab you? I’m sure there’s something I can do to help. There’s a list longer than your arm that hypnotherapy can assist with, to make your life easier, less stressful, more fun. The thing is that it’s not what’s on the list that’s the problem – it’s what’s behind it.

So when you’re looking round for help of any kind, put it to yourself this way —

If I didn’t (……. fill in as required), I could (…… fill in as required). That’d be great!

If I could only (…… your choice), then it wouldn’t be long until I could (…….choose again), and I’ve always wanted to do that.

I don’t know why I (…… whatever), but if I didn’t I could easily enjoy (…… whatever) I used to really love doing that.

It’s so annoying and frustrating that I can’t (……. choose again). I can’t blame anybody but myself because I (…… whatever it is) Why can’t I just do it?

The reality is that nothing will change until you – yes, you – do something about it. And naturally, I’m going to suggest that you enlist my help to make things easier for you.

Just ring me or email me, and we can make that vital start.

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