I can help with many  conditions;  please just ask, as you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily you can improve your life with the help of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming or Life Coaching.

Some of the more usual areas I treat, for example, are post traumatic stress disorder, inability to overcome grief following death of  loved one, anxiety and stress,road rage, sleeplessness, driving test or exam and interview nerves, obsessive compulsive disorder, stammering, stopping smoking, high alcohol consumption, gambling, fears and phobias (spiders, snakes etc.). These are all examples of things you might want to STOP doing. Some things you might want to START doing successfully, are public speaking, have more satisfactory sex, losing weight, motivating yourself to take more exercise, becoming more successful at your job, improving your sporting performance,  having a relaxed and satisfying birth experience. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Why not STOP feeling that you’re in a rut, and START feeling that you’re enjoying life these days.

Please don’t think you have to go on as you are – you can almost certainly take action to get what you want, and to where you want to be right now.

Just ring 01256 704769 as the first step to improving things a lot. Please get in contact for more information.
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