Could I be Hypnotised against my own will?

No, your co-operation is required

Can anybody be Hypnotised, or do you have to be weak minded?

On the contrary, you need a reasonable amount of intelligence in order to be hypnotised. The people who respond best to hypnosis are those who are capable of concentration and using their imagination

Most people can be hypnotised. The exceptions are those who are mentally subnormal, very young children, or those who are ‘high’ on drugs or alcohol. Virtually everybody else (who properly co-operates with the process) can be hypnotized.

Obviously, if somebody cannot understand what is required if them, or if they are resisting for some reason, they will have difficulty entering into hypnosis.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

If it does turn out that you are one of the few who can’t be for whatever reason, you won’t be charged, and will have lost nothing. Your hypnotherapist may be able to suggest other treatments which can help you.

What’s it like?

Most people describe the experience as relaxing, calming and peaceful. It’s a bit like that pleasant dreamy feeling you have just before you fall asleep. While it varies a little from person to person, clients normally describe themselves as feeling happy, calm and relaxed after their treatment.

What will you actually do when hypnotising me?

Basically, I’ll just talk to you while you relax! I may also play some music or other sounds which encourage more relaxation. The way in which I’ll be talking to you is designed to help that relaxation process deepen to the point at which your mind becomes most receptive to the beneficial suggestions which will help you deal with the situation you’d like help with.

Will I lose control of myself and could I be made to do something against my own will or nature?

No. You will know what is going on and you will retain your intelligence and your self-control.

For Hypnotherapy to be successful, you need to be comfortable with what is going on in the session, so if anything was suggested to you that went against your beliefs or moral code you would be shocked out of hypnosis.

If I won’t lose control, what about those stage shows where people do all sorts of silly things?

Successful stage hypnosis requires willing volunteers.These people obviously have a desire to join in the show and perform, or they wouldn’t volunteer to go on stage in the first place. Hypnosis merely helps them to lift the inhibitions which they may ordinarily have against performing.

Please don’t confuse Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The aims are very different.

Is Hypnosis dangerous and are there any side effects?

Hypnotherapy is completely safe, and in skilled hands  is a proven therapeutic aid. NO drugs are ever used, and there are no unwanted side effects.

What if I’m not happy with the way I’m treated?

This has never happened. In the unlikely event that it did, I’d offer you a full and immediate refund of the relevant fee without quibble. I’ve never seen any other Hypnotherapist with the confidence to offer this.

Will it work, and will it last?

Yes, and yes.  Although as with any therapeutic procedure, there can be no absolute guarantee. But in virtually every case, you will very soon feel the benefits of the treatment. Because of the fact that you have been helped to make beneficial changes to your way of thinking, your subconscious recognises those benefits and primes your conscious mind to keep applying your new habit.

Will I always be under your control after the session?

No. This thought probably stems from ideas about stage hypnosis, when suggestions have been “planted” to take effect shortly after for comic effect. It just doesn’t happen with professional Hypnotherapy, which is done for different reasons entirely, always beneficial ones.

Will I be able to drive home afterwards?

If I wanted to make a joke here I’d say “Yes”, and you’d say “Great, I couldn’t drive at all before!”. The answer though, really is yes. There will be a few minutes at the end of each session with a little general chat to establish how you’re feeling etc., and then you can go about your usual business without problems.

How many sessions will I need?

There’s no definite answer to this. It depends on the type of thing you’ve come along for help with, the tenacity and depth of the cause, and your own reaction to the treatment. Some things are quick and simple  – one or two sessions – but others require more. I come across few things that need more than five or six sessions.

How long between each session?

It depends on circumstances and on how fast you would like to be helped. Very often a week, in fact that’s quite usual, but I sometimes treat people on successive days if its going to help them and is appropriate to the condition being treated.

How long are the sessions?

Normally approximately 60 or 120 minutes.

When can I see you?

Almost anytime within reason, and on any weekday. Evening and weekend appointments are available, although they carry a price premium

What kind of a Hypnotherapist are you?

You maybe didn’t know there are different kinds. I’m primarily what’s known as an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Milton Erickson was the greatest, most effective Hypnotherapist there has ever been, and the core of my training (seems a long time ago now!) was in his methods. I have experience of, and do sometimes use, other types when appropriate, but I spent over 500 hours study and practise on the Ericksonian stuff alone, before even beginning to treat clients.

Are you part of a group, or is it just you?

I’m a sole practitioner, so you will always see me personally.

What are your qualifications?

Please see the “About David” page

How long have you been practising?

Since 2007.

Are you insured?

Yes, through Lloyds of London (Syndicate No. 2468) against Professional Malpractice and Third Party Liability. I’ll happily email you a copy of my Insurance Certificate if required.

Do you offer CD backups?

Yes. For many conditions, I provide a backup CD which you can use yourself to re-inforce the work you have done with me. It’s not always necessary.

I also create tailor made CD’s on request for many conditions, which you may find useful if, for instance, you’re going off on a nice holiday somewhere and would like the reassurance of having my voice go with you.

Do you GUARANTEE to cure me?

No, no therapist can absolutely guarantee this, any more than a surgeon can absolutely GUARANTEE your operation will be successful. Any therapist who says he guarantees your treatment will be completely successful is not being straight with you.

Will there be after effects?

I certainly hope so! Your treatment is designed and intended to have permanent long lasting effects. However, if you mean strange side effects, the answer is no.

How soon will I feel the benefits?

You could liken this to going to see your GP for some physical illness. You may feel better immediately after your consultation, but the most likely situation is that any prescription your doctor has written for you will only reach maximum effectiveness after you have been “taking the tablets” for a while. You may start to be aware of the benefits of your Hypnotherapy treatment within hours, days, weeks or months, or very possibly all of those. It depends on the condition you have sought help for, its cause, and your own response to the treatment – its often a cumulative thing.

Could I get “stuck” in a hypnotic trance?

No. If I were to drop down dead halfway through one of your treatments, or some other emergency arose, then your subconscious would allow you to come out of the trance in a natural way, and in a quite competent state to deal with whatever was taking place at the time.

Will I feel a physical reaction to the treatment?

The most common reaction, and usually one which takes place a little later in the day, is one of feeling a little tired and quite relaxed. Because Hypnotherapy exercises your mind and imagination a bit more than usual, this is just a natural reaction. Otherwise you’ll feel completely normal.

Where does the treatment take place?

Either at The Farnham Natural Therapy Clinic, in central Farnham, Surrey, or at The Integral Life Centre, in Bagshot, Surrey. Shortly, I will be offering treatments in Harley Street in central London, too.

Can I bring someone else with me?

Yes. It’s unusual, but if you’re still feeling a little apprehensive, you can bring someone along. Be careful who you pick! As an added safeguard, you can choose to have the entire hypnosis session recorded on video. Please note that if you do this, the recording becomes part of your treatment records.

Also at this point I should add that all your treatment will be entirely confidential, and I don’t keep computerised records of it.

What do you specialise in?

I treat lots of people with post traumatic stress disorder (which itself involves other things), anxiety, sleeplessness, inability to relax, excessive alcohol consumption, people who want to stop smoking, people who want to lose weight, nailbiting, road rage, anger, bulimia (another complicated one), obsessive compulsive disorder, hypnotherapy to improve sporting performance, male and female sexual problems including infertility, poor self image, feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, lack of motivation. I also treat fears and phobias, with the most common being spiders, public speaking, flying,and  surgical operations. Do you know that in a survey recently carried out in the USA, more people put fear of public speaking as their number one fear – even ahead of fear of death! However I can very likely help you with many other things, for instance driving test or exam nerves, confidence boosting for interviews etc., just ask. If I feel I can’t help you, I’ll say so.

There are some things I will not treat until you’ve been checked out and had it OK’d by your GP. Among these things are Depression (I’m talking about real Depression) and Anorexia. I will also not treat people with a mental illness like schizophrenia, for instance, or people who turn up drunk or high.

And secondly Past Life Regression. In a previous life, were you an Egyptian Princess, a South American Aztec, a murderer, Emily Pankhurst, Hitler? Or something less extreme, a country lady or gent perhaps, a coal miner, a detective, a sailor? Would you like to find out? Book a past life regression session and take a guided, completely safe trip through your mind.

Please remember too, that I’m a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Features of both these specialities frequently figure in my hypnotherapy treatments, as they can often be most beneficial in achieving a rapid result for you. If you feel you could benefit from either of these specifically, just ask.

We hope that you now have a clearer understanding of Hypnosis and its uses.

In addition to the information I have given here, other therapists should be able to provide you with their own informative material if you contact them, and should be able to answer any additional questions you may have.


Please get in contact for more information if you want to ask anything with no obligation.
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