what is hypnotherapy good for?

What is Hypnotherapy good for?

What is hypnotherapy good for? It’s good for many, many things. Most people would expect that hypnotherapy is used for beneficial purposes, and they’d be right. The “therapy” part of the word correctly implies that. Almost everybody knows, for instance, that hypnotherapy treatment is an excellent, effective and permanent way to help people to stop smoking.

When I tell folks I’m a hypnotherapist, they almost always raise that one as an example of what they expect me to do. Once again, they’re right, but stopping people smoking is only a small part of my practice. It’s been a diminishing part too, in the last few years, as less people smoke than they used to, so less want help to stop. I think it’s very likely bottomed out now though, there’s a certain percentage who’ll always be there.

So, once again, what is hypnotherapy good for – what do I mainly do?  An increasing number of clients need help to deal with one of the biggest bugbears of the modern world, stress and anxiety. Life is faster and more complicated than it has ever been, so it can be difficult not to let the constant bombardment of activity, news, technology, endless change, time demands and generally the 24-hour society get to you in various ways. By that I mean it can show in your attitude to various things, wind you up, never let you relax, and keep you far more tense than is good for you.

Here are a few named anxiety and stress related conditions I’ve successfully help people with in the last few months

Fear of flying (both planes and helicopters)

Fear of motorway driving

Panic attacks


Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house)


Excess alcohol consumption

Public speaking

Yips (golf problem)

Inability to concentrate

Fear of job interview

Lack of self-confidence

General feeling of helplessness

Weight control

Feelings of being “stuck”

Aversion to eating in public

Anger management

General irritability and impatience.

All of these conditions were being caused and/or prolonged by stress and anxiety to a greater or lesser degree.

Of course some of these can be caused by something else entirely, but I’m only listing here the ones that had stress and anxiety as a prime cause. I do treat people for some of those same things that require a different approach entirely.

So, what is hypnotherapy good for? All these and more. The range of things that it can help with is vast and varied. As you can see from the list above, stress and anxiety takes up an increasing amount of time in a hypnotherapist’s practice. It certainly does in mine, and I would expect it to be the same for many others.

And of course every now and again, someone asks for help with something which appears to be entirely new – I love it when that happens! There’s not much that cannot be alleviated or helped by hypnotherapy, always provided that the client is open minded about it. Of course that’s normally the case, otherwise why would they be contacting the hypnotherapist in the first place?

So, even if you’re not sure whether hypnotherapy is for you, or whether it could help with your particular problem, at least speak to a therapist to find out. If they don’t think they can, they’ll usually be completely upfront about it and tell you so, and maybe recommend something or somebody else. But what if they can?


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