What does Hypnotherapy feel like?

What does Hypnotherapy feel like? 1

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

Hypnotherapy feels a lot like dreaming, but it’s a bit different for everybody.

And contrary to popular belief, you’re not asleep. You may well have your eyes closed – almost everyone does during a hypnotherapy session – but even that is not essential. Have you ever been daydreaming at work, at college, on the train or bus? You didn’t have your eyes closed there, did you? But you were still in a dreamlike state. And what happened then is a really good example of your unconscious mind doing its job very well indeed.

Your unconscious mind (some say subconscious mind) was busy looking after you and making sure you were safe, while your conscious mind was off doing something else. Your conscious attention was taken up by a problem, perhaps, or something interesting your memory had thrown up – maybe something you saw had triggered a particular train of thought. However, your unconscious mind is always on guard and does its best to protect you.

It will draw your attention to anything it regards or suspects of being a threat to you, even a small threat. It’s constantly comparing all it knows (which is a lot as it never really forgets anything) to whatever is going on around you at the time. And if it comes across something it’s unhappy about, it prods your conscious mind to get it to make a decision about that. This goes on all the time, and a lot of that time you hardly even notice.

So once again you might ask “what does hypnotherapy feel like?”

But this time you have something you know you can compare it to – daydreaming. And that’s not the only similar feeling.

Every day you go through the feeling at least twice anyway, once when you drop off to sleep, and again when you start to wake up. It’s that pleasant state, where you might feel you’d quite like to go back and finish off that dream instead of having to get up. Or that feeling where you suddenly feel nice and cosy and very, very comfortable, but you’re not quite asleep yet, but you will be in a minute.

So I suppose when you as the question “what does hypnotherapy feel like?”, then that’s the wrong question. What the question should be, and what you probably really mean is “What does hypnosis feel like?” which is what I’m answering above. Hypnotherapy is what takes place during a hypnotherapy session, after hypnosis has been induced or achieved. It’s the introduction of beneficial ideas and suggestions to your unconscious mind, aimed at helping you change your behaviour in some way.

When this is happening, you hear those suggestions at both a conscious and unconscious level, depending on what is required and the skill of the hypnotherapist. Then your unconscious mind analyses what’s been said, makes personalised sense of it to suit you, and passes appropriate signals and messages to your conscious mind to act on.

If you feel you could benefit from Hypnotherapy, you’re probably right. You know the next step, don’t you?

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