Anxiety and Stress – do you suffer?

By June 28, 2017Uncategorized

Aaaaarrrggghh! Helllppp! Go awayyyy!

These are cartoon examples of words you might feel like using when you’re suffering anxiety and stress symptoms. Cartoons are usually humorous, but if anxiety and stress are ruining your life, you’ll be feeling far from amused.

Anxiety and stress are serious issues if you’re one of the sufferers. Quite apart from the horrible, relentless pressure you feel if these are present in your life right now, they can lead to all sorts of other related medical and mental problems. Do you have any of these, perhaps?

High blood pressure


Stomach ulcers

Stomach acidity




Heart irregularities

Restless legs

Panic attacks


Excessive drinking

Heavy smoking

Poor appetite

Weight problems

Anger or short temper

Road rage

General irritability


Poor concentration

There are more, but that’s enough to be going on with, I’m sure. And you may have any combination of these too, and any of them can lead to worse things if they go unchecked. A couple of examples would be high blood pressure leading to heart problems or a stroke, impatience leading to road rage leading to an accident and loss of licence or in extreme cases loss of life, nailbiting leading to infection and blood poisoning, stomach acidity leading to stomach ulcers – you get the idea.

So do you think it’d be a good idea to start dealing with some of these things before it gets to that kind of stage? And why would you choose to continue to have the anxiety and stress anyway?

There are many ways I can help you to reduce your anxiety and stress levels, or even to practically eliminate the problem altogether. I say “practically eliminate”, as a certain level of stress is natural, as is a certain level of anxiety – in fact in some cases it can aid your performance in particular areas.

But when it becomes a problem, when it becomes uncontrollable, when it starts to affect your physical and mental health, that’s when you’ll wish you’d taken some positive steps to sort it out sooner. The chances are it’ll be a bit more difficult to deal with at that point too, and take longer.

If you don’t have any anxiety and stress related problems or symptoms – great. But if that’s the case, why are you reading this far?

And for everybody else, why not make a start on correcting things by ringing me now on 01256 704769, or emailing me at You’ll soon be feeling better.

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