Where can I learn to be a Hypnotherapist?

where can I learn to be a hypnotherapist?WHERE CAN I LEARN HYPNOTHERAPY?

Where can I learn to be a hypnotherapist? Excellent question – where CAN you learn hypnotherapy?

In the UK, there are actually a surprising number of places where you may be able to learn Hypnotherapy. Notice it is regarded as an art, not a science. The thing is though, do you want to learn it properly, to a professional standard, or do you just want to do it as a novelty – a hobby if you like? So where CAN I learn to be a Hypnotherapist?

There are vastly varying courses and “seminars” on offer,and isolated individual techniques and “protocols”. There are short courses from as short as three days, a week, two weeks, three weeks etc. etc. How much do you think you can learn about a discipline that is used to change peoples lives in a few days? Ask yourself “would I personally be happy to be treated for – say – depression, by somebody who had only had a week’s training?” Well? Would you?

Surely you’d want to consult some who had been trained to full Professional Diploma level, wouldn’t you? Such training enables the student, when qualified, to be listed on the General Hypnotherapy Register, which is in turn administered by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. This is the largest governing body for Hypnotherapists in the UK. Members have to be trained to their professional standards. They also are unlikely to have any problem obtaining public liability and professional indemnity insurance, which is pretty reassuring, don’t you think?

Their members are also eligible to join the listings of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, another extremely well known and recognised organisation, and one which Therapists from many different alternative therapies also join.

So, what to do? Where can I learn to be a hypnotherapist? My recommendation is that you look around for a training school that will offer training to full professional level, so that you will emerge on successful completion of the course with easily enough knowledge and practice, both theoretical and practical, to enable you to enter professional practice immediately. You will have the confidence to do so, secure in the grounding you have had on the course, and ready to become a proficient professional among your peers.

Where can I learn to be a hypnotherapist? There are a few of these schools around where you can learn hypnotherapy, so don’t rush into it. Check exactly what’s on offer. Download the prospectus of one you like the look of. Check the length of the course or courses, and how much they will cost, although cost should not be your only concern. Check also what payment methods they accept or require – with some, you must pay the full cost in advance – others offer payment by instalments, credit card payments, etc.

Check on the course dates too – will they suit you? Find out where they are, and what sort of surroundings you will be training in. How convenient and easy is it to get to the venue? What about train links, car parking, nearby accommodation if that’s going to be necessary for you? In deciding where you want to study hypnotherapy, consider whether the training done “classroom style”, or in more relaxed and less formal style? Try to get a “feel” for all this through the websites. And don’t forget to check that the training offered is fully Accredited by a recognised regulatory body like the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Don’t waste your cash training to a standard nobody’s ever heard of and which Insurance companies don’t accept.

So where can I learn to be a hypnotherapist? – A good on? It won’t surprise you to know that I have a recommendation to make. Visit www.surreyschoolofhypnotherapy.co.uk right now. It’s a great starting point, and even if you don’t end up doing your training there, you’ll get a great feel for what you should be looking for. And one last thing, if you decide to go with the Surrey School of Hypnotherapy, virtually all your training will be carried out by me personally – a practicing hypnotherapist.

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