Unappreciated? Just not happy?

By October 7, 2016anxiety, hypnotherapy, stress

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Female? Late 30’s – mid 40’s or thereabouts?

If you come into this general description, you might want to read on.

Around this age, women – girls/ladies depending on how you think – often become a bit unsettled, unhappy, dissatisfied, feel unfulfilled in some way. They feel unapprciated. They often realise too, that for the last few years they’ve felt a bit like this and not really realized it. Suddenly, they notice that things are just drifting along, taking them with it, but actually having no direction. And as for a sex life – do you remember that?

And worst of all, they’re JUST NOT HAPPY, and they don’t know what to do about it. Or why and how they’ve got to this stage, where they’re bumping along in a mundane rut.

Just existing – not really LIVING.

Dull, routine, dreary, predictable, uninteresting, tedious, monotonous, lacklustre, bland, jaded, lifeless, dismal, sparkle-free and downright boring. Does this describe your life – if you can call it a life?

When you get up in the morning, does it seem like you’re just going through the motions? Acting like a robot, going about things in a mechanical way which requires no real involvement whatsoever? You might think you’re busy, but busy doing what? Are you in control?

Are you actually LIVING, or are you just paying bills until you die?

There are lots of reasons for this situation, depending on each individual. If you have children what age are they? If you don’t have children, do you wish you had? Does that worry you? Have you had a career break, or are you having one now?

In your job or career, have you got as far as you want or need to or would like to in it? Do you feel you’ve been passed over for advancement in it? If you want to go further, will you continue to be passed over, ignored or worst of all, just not noticed?

Do you feel unappreciated, at work, at home, or socially (or all three)? Are you just a reliable but unnoticed face? Do you feel attractive? Do you want to feel attractive – or have you given up? Are you just an anonymous face in the background? Do you like it that way?

If you don’t have a formal job or career, the same things apply, but those who appreciate you or don’t appreciate you might be a bit different.

Are you just sort of taken for granted? Think about it now – are you?

Hormonal changes can bring on these sort of feelings too, usually at the upper end of this age range.

Whatever the reasons, the important question is, are you just going to let this situation continue? Or is it time to take action to change things so that you become happy instead of how you feel now. Don’t you deserve to feel good?

You might not have realized your situation until now, and you probably can’t put your finger on why you are feeling as you do, although you know you’re not happy.

I can help you get straight again. I can help you be happy again. I can help you feel appreciated again, wanted again, noticed again. Live life more positively.

Isn’t that what you want? Wouldn’t that be great? You might be around the halfway mark of your life on this planet. You’ll never be here again. Are you going to drift unhappily through the next bit, wishing things were different, but somehow unable to get your life going again? Take control of it?

Or are you going to make an appointment to come and see me, discuss how you feel, and get me to help you start living for real.

I can help you feel so much better – I really can. I’ve done it for others and I can do it for you.

Ring me on 01256 704769 or 01252 724111 or email me from here http://www.missionhypnotism.com/contact-me/

Do it NOW before life just passes you by.


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