Stop Smoking Farnham – stopping smoking isn’t as hard as you expect.

Stop smoking FArnham

Stop Smoking Farnham – stopping smoking isn’t as hard as you expect.

Most smokers imagine that when they decide to stop, they’ll very likely experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Well – not exactly, and in some cases not at all.

When you stop smoking, quite a few things change, both mentally and physically. Ask yourself why you’ve decided to stop. Is it for your health? Smoking can lead to all sorts of health problems. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, thrombosis, cancer of course (not just lung cancer), circulation problems. Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing. This is obviously far from being a complete list.

Then of course there’s the fact that these days, smokers are a bit of a social pariah. They get segregated from their fellows at work (although in fairness they get to sneak off now and then for a few minutes fag break, which sometimes actually annoys their co-workers). They stink of tobacco smoke and ash, both on their clothes and on their skin and hair. Their homes and cars smell horrible too. It’s very very hard to shift that stale smell from your furnishings or car interior. There’s a yellowish coating on your house paintwork and your car windows.

Is your motive perhaps financial? Smoking’s got pretty expensive these days. Smoking about twenty a day, in round figures, at the time of writing will cost you around £75.00 a week, or £3,900.00 a year. That’s a lot of money by most standards. What could you do with it if you didn’t just burn it? I can think of quite a few things myself Web Site.

So – so far, if you stop smoking, you’ll feel healthier, smell better and have quite a bit more money. Your chances of getting or worsening various medical conditions will reduce too. So you’ll probably – almost certainly – add a few years to your life expectancy.

You’ll stop being a social outcast. Someone might actually want to kiss you!

So why do I say that to stop smoking isn’t as hard as you might expect? And why in and around Farnham?

Well, when you come to see me for help to stop smoking, I already know all this stuff I’ve just written. And quite a bit more about the physical and psychological effects that occur when you stop.

That’s why I take them all into account when I decide the best way that I can help you to stop smoking. Not just for a few weeks or months. My treatments are designed to be permanent – they’re not just sticking plaster. Nor are they quite the same for everyone, because everyone’s a bit different.

So I can help minimize the withdrawal for you. And after a few weeks or months, you just won’t consider smoking at all, or even think about it. That’s got to be good isn’t it?

So – if there’s anything else you’d like to know about it all, give me a call. Better still, make that call the one where you make an appointment to take control of your life, rather than let a bad habit control it for you. It really is easier than you think.

And last thing which I almost forgot – why in and around Farnham? Simply because I’m based at The Farnham Natural Therapy Clinic, right slap-bang in the centre of the town, adjacent to the Central Car Park and five minutes walk from the train station. I’m making it as easy for you as I can, honest!

I’m on 01256 704769 or 01252 724111. Or you can email me here, if you prefer  – stopsmokingnow. 


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